Rose Quartz

     Rosestone is mainly produced in Liwu Creek, Sanzhan Creek and Papaya Creek in Hualien, Taiwan Province. The rosestones produced in Santiaoxi have their own characteristics. The first two are distinguished by color and sense of color; the latter is known for its texture changes and pleasant scenery. Because the surface of rosestone is brown or brownish-black, it looks down at first; but after cutting and grinding, it will show many different colors and lines. Not only is the color gorgeous, but also has a picturesque mood. It seems that every rose stone has a unique landscape and scenery, and the good quality of the stone can be made into jewelry.



Rosy spiritual culture

1: Helping the cause to attract wealth can prevent the villain at work from obstructing and avoiding all kinds of distractions.

2: Because the ruddy color is translucent, it can bring good luck. It is very helpful for transportation, especially for people with bad luck for a long time.

3: The rose stone represents the hope of victory, friendship, family affection, and love, and has the effect of reconciling relatives, increasing love, friendship, and marriage. It is of great help for modern people to worry about love, marriage, etc.




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